Most Important Snowboarding Accessories

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Aside from your core equipment like your snowboard, boots, jacket, and snow pants, many additional snowboarding accessories are a must-have on the mountain.

Additional snowboarding accessories can be anything from sunblock and lip balm to helmets and gloves, these accessories might not be the first thing you think of when you are packing, but they are just as important!

Make sure you have packed everything you need to have the best day on the mountain because coming home with a goggle sunburn or leaving the slopes early with frozen fingers is a no go.

Our experts have rounded up some of what we believe are the most important snowboarding accessories, so grab your checklist and make sure you are ready for a day on the mountain.

Our Favorite Snowboarding Accessories

For beginners that only go out a few times a year to dedicated snowboarders who think their on-mountain kit is complete, you never know what additional accessory will heighten your perfect day on the peaks.

If you find yourself riding on a very regular basis, consider investing in improving or upgrading your gear and accessories, and quickly replacing things that are damaged. When you spend a great deal of time slope side, there is no sense waiting to have your set-up dialed in.

Snowboard Helmets

Arguably the most important snowboarding accessory!

Snowboard helmets protect your head when you are out on the mountain. If you are a beginner, you will likely take a few tumbles, and whether they are simple slide outs or something more serious, a helmet is a must.

For experts, no matter how confident you are in your riding ability, as you continue to challenge yourself and explore difficult terrain, do not underestimate the importance of a helmet.

When buying a helmet, make sure to choose the right size and fit, make sure it is comfortable, and make sure you like it – no sense buying a style you dread wearing. If you are looking for the ultimate in protection, consider purchasing a snowboarding helmet with MIPS technology.

Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard goggles help maintain your vision in snowy or windy conditions to protect your eyes and help you visually differentiate terrain changes, icy spots, and more.

Goggles are often the most exciting snowboarding accessory to shop for, but when you have found a pair you love remember, ultimately, they are there to protect you!

Additionally, conditions on the mountain can change quickly, the hope is you can prepare for what you need by checking the forecast. Remember, the lens you need for a bluebird day is very different than the goggle lens that will work best in overcast or snowy conditions, so by packing a variety in your on-mountain bag you are more likely to have what you need and stay safe.

Snowboard Travel Bags and Backpacks

Travel bags and backpacks are specifically designed for use while traveling with gear and riding.

A good snowboard bag will have enough space for all your snowboarding essentials and hard goods, outerwear, and compartments or pockets for smaller items. If you can’t fit everything in one bag, having a boot bag can be helpful. If you travel with your snowboarding gear frequently, consider investing in a high-end bag with wheels, extra straps, lots of padding, and extra storage room.

For on-mountain riding backpacks, make sure that the straps have enough padding to help with all-day comfort. You will also want to choose a bag with quality snow/waterproofing, so your accessories do not get wet while you ride. The backpack for the mountain should be lightweight and durable, so it does not wear you down or break or tear easily. Some snowboarding backpacks even have straps for you to carry your snowboard with, should you choose to get off the beaten path and hike to untouched terrain.

Additional Snowboarding Accessories

There are plenty of smaller snowboarding accessories that are great to have with mountainside or in your kit, whether you keep it in your pack, chalet locker, car, or just as backups.

Extra Snowboarding gloves and mitts

Whether you’re team gloves or team mitts, having the right pair is important. If you find yourself in varying conditions or on a very wet day, pack an extra pair and make sure you start the day with a quality pick! Don’t forget to pick up a pair of snow gloves for your kids!

Glove liners

These thin liners fit easily under gloves or mitts and provide you with a clean layer that offers a surprising amount of warmth. Always pack these in a jacket pocket or backpack.

Hand and foot warmers

If you’ve got the space, toss some extra hand and foot warmers in your pack or jacket, they take up very little room and can make a huge difference when you need it.


These provide warmth around your neck and face for chilly days when a zipped jacket just will not cut it. Even if you think you are in for a warm day, having an extra in your pack is always a good idea!  

Extra Snowboard Socks

Trust us, invest in snowboarding specific socks. They provide reliable warmth and are designed to wick moisture. In case your feet do get wet, having an extra pair in your backpack can keep you on the mountain when your feet are wet or freezing.

A great pair of snowboarding socks work best in a pair of boots that are best suited for you! Check out our women’s and men’s snowboard boot options.

Extra goggle lenses

As conditions change, so should your lenses!

A snowboarding tool, wax, and tuning kits

Adjust your bindings on the go, pack wax for the trip, and maintain your board before you go. 

Stomp pads

Gone are the days of stumbling off the chairlift. Get it together, get a stomp pad, stomp your foot, you get the rest.

Snowboard lock

Nothing ruins a snowboarding trip like stolen gear, a simple snowboard lock can help prevent theft, so you can relax in the chalet and confidently wait in lift ticket lines.

Charging station for your phone

Cold phones are likely to lose battery fast, store your phone (and your charging station) in an interior pocket, so your body heat will help elongate battery life. Do not be caught without phone battery, searching for your friends in a sea of black helmets on a mountain.

Cordless headphones

While you are fussing with zips, bibs, facemasks, goggles, and gloves, don’t add cords to the mix. 


With high elevation and reflective white snow, do not forget the power of the sun in the cold, layer up with sunscreen and pack extra.

Lip balm

Winter is nobody’s friend when it comes to chapped lips.


Pack extra water in your backpack. If you prefer not to carry a backpack, consider carrying a water pouch.


Don’t be caught too tired to shred!

The Zip Up

Everyone has a favorite snowboarding accessory, but these are our favorites, it is your turn to learn what works for you! There are a ton more accessories, such as pads and protective gear, full tuning kits, leashes, roof racks, and more.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preference, and what you think is important to bring with you on the mountain.

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